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Unique features

The Red Bedroom, one of Sledmere's Master Bedrooms is the perfect place for final preparations

Every Bride wants to get ready for her big day in a relaxed atmosphere with close family and friends around her; the Red Bedroom is available from 10.00 am on your wedding day and is the perfect place to spend some quality time preparing for your wedding day whilst being surrounded by the beauty of Sledmere.

The Petal Drop is one of Sledmere's most unique and special features

After your wedding ceremony has taken place, as your guests are ready at the foot of the stairs to meet their Bride and Groom, you can descend the Imperial Staircase together whilst from above, high in the glass dome, petals delicately fall to the ground around you. This is a special moment at any Sledmere wedding and a great moment for those unique and truly beautiful photographs to be taken.