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Gold Card Membership

How do I apply?

For just £5.00 extra on your first visit of the season to Sledmere you can apply to become a Gold Card Friend which will give you free entry for the rest of the 2017 season.

(Please note that the total cost to become a Gold Card Friend for the 2017 season will be £15.50 per adult, £14.50 per concession or £9.00 per child.)

Gold Card Membership - Benefits

When can I use my Gold Card?

Once signed up, you can receive free entry on every visit to Sledmere House and Gardens during the 2017 season except from on special event days where exclusive discounts may apply for Gold Card Friends.

Discount for Special Events

Gold Card Friends will receive 20% off admissions to events organized by Sledmere House which are held within the Gardens or Grounds.  Special discounts will be applicable for other Sledmere House events held within the park or on the wider Estate.

To qualify for discounts, please show your card and provide a signature when purchasing tickets at Sledmere, or quote your Gold Card number (located in the top right of your card) and your name when ordering over the telephone/website where possible. For postal applications, please provide your Gold Card number and a signature on the application form.

2018 Gold Card Membership

Applications will soon open for 2018 Gold Cards which will offer even better value and a wider range of benefits.