Things to Do

The Historic Stable Block and Shire Horse Society Centre

The stables have been in constant use since 1780 when they were first built and have been part of the famous racing tradition at Sledmere.

Thousands of thoroughbred horses have been bred at Sledmere over the last 200 years, among the most famous are Spearmint, Mumtaz Muhal, Straitlace, Scottish Union and Lily Agnes. Sledmere has been described historically as the most important stud in Yorkshire.

The ground floor of the historic stable block is open for visitors to explore. With the tack room and “lads” room restored to their former glory and of course, the stable block is home to the “Sledmere Shires”. Our carriage house is home to our many different vehicles, including an exercise cart for day to day use, a passenger dray and also a Wolds Wagon which is owned by the Wagoners museum.