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Sledmere Stables Horses and Ponies

Diana - Polly - Felix

On show in the historical stables we have the breed of horses that would have been on Sledmere Estate in the past for both working and leisure pursuits.


Our magnificent shire horse; in the past her role on the estate would have consisted of working on the farm pulling the plough, harrow and other farm machinery, at Sledmere, she may even have been used as the stud horse to deliver feed, hay and straw to all of the paddocks as each paddock has a separate feed room.  Diana is a gentle giant and is just reaching her prime.  Today she pulls a cart around the grounds to show her heavy horse power and enjoys parading in front of Sledmere House where she gets to meet everyone whilst showing off her friendly demeanor.


An all-purpose pony who has found her calling in life here at Sledmere.  Polly would have been used on the estate in the past for driving - we have a photograph in the Stables of a pony just like Polly pulling Sir Mark Sykes and his shooting party in a sledge in the winter before the First World War.  We make great use of Polly's love for work as she enjoys raking the gravel around Sledmere House as well as jogging around the grounds in her exercise cart.  Polly adores all the attention she receives during the hands-on grooming activities.


This handsome chap would have been used on the estate to teach children to ride.  He has a rather cheeky attitude and can sometimes be referred to as the "naughty school boy" of the yard.  He looks extremely elegant when he is out exercising in his cart around the grounds and loves a good jog in the nearby hilly countryside.  Felix is very much the "Merry legs" of Sledmere.

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