What is the current situation regarding COVID-19 (Coronavirus)?

We have now taken the decision to close Sledmere House, The Grounds, Gardens, Farm Park and Adventure Playground until further notice. The Farm shop will remain open for essential food purchases. Please note we are taking card payments only. We will be reviewing and updating this information continuously.

In order to minimise the potential spread of infection, Sledmere have taken the following steps:

  • All toilets are equipped with anti-bacterial soap. We strongly encourage everyone to wash their hands upon arrival, at departure and before eating. This is as per Government advice.
  • You may be asked to respect the social distancing guidelines and also asked not to overcrowd areas.
  • We are no longer accepting cash, please pay by card
  • Whilst we always have had a strict cleaning practice in place, we are now putting additional cleaning methods in place.
  • A hand washing station with antibacterial hand wash is available in the Farm shop.
  • All staff are following a strict hand hygiene routine (as they always do).
  • We are complying with social distancing in our workplace and are wherever possible staff are able to work from home.
  • Any staff who may have been in contact with the virus, or are displaying symptoms of the coronavirus COVID- 19 are asked to stay at home for seven days as per the Government guidance. We also ask that our visitors follow this advice before visiting Sledmere House.

Sledmere have a Pandemic Continuity Plan in place, which provides for many possible situations that may arise due to coronavirus. Our aim is to maintain our maximum standard of high service whilst ensuring the health and well being of our employees and visitors.