Sledmere Estate invites you to explore our new online exhibitions. This will be regularly updated so keep coming back to check for additions. Aimed to appeal to people of all ages who are interested in local history and our beautiful Estate, we hope you will enjoy them !

Sledmere Estate has always been committed to its local economy and environment, with a strong relationship between The Sykes Family and Sledmere Estate workforce. Therefore those of you today may recognise faces from the past in our displays and exhibitions, as we explore Sledmere Estate’s history.

Lady Henrietta Masterman Sykes

​Lady Henrietta Masterman Sykes was the third Lady of Sledmere House, learn about her life, marriage and pioneering in women’s rights and her influence in politics.

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The Queen's visit to Sledmere in 1954

In August 1954 we were very lucky to receive Her Majesty The Queen on her first visit to the East Riding as sovereign.

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Sledmere Winter Reflections

​Sledmere Winter Reflections explores a series of photographs of 1978/9’s Winter of Discontent and 1962/3’s Big Freeze, accompanied by recollections from Sledmere Estate village and surrounding hamlet folk of bygone wintertime’s. Within these photographs and reflections we hope you will also learn something new about Sledmere Estate’s social history.

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