The Estate


Sledmere farming is the agricultural branch of the Sledmere Estate tree. Our mixed farming enterprise rears Red deer, sheep and cattle. Both the beef and venison supply a leading supermarket and are raised under high health status.

The arable enterprise has grown recently to just over 2,000 acres and grows winter wheat, winter barley, spring barley, oil seed rape, vining peas, and potatoes. Both the winter and spring barley are sold for malting and the peas are grown for Birdseye.

The farm employs 4 full time staff and a student, we undertake all the farming duties in house along with working closely with the event team to assist in festivals and outside events.

500 acres of grassland makes up the remaining acreage bringing the total to 2,500. All the livestock are housed inside through the winter and are turned out in the Spring to which you will see whilst moving around the Estate from the deer in the park to the cattle and sheep grazing in the fields close to the village.