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'Lines 3' - Diann Atkin & Friends
Tue 15th August to Sun 20th August
Building on last year’s successful exhibition, this exhibition aims to combine this group of multi-media artists through the use of a line. With Diann Atkin, Helen Birmingham, Diane Malcomson and Dorothea Newman

The use of a line brings together these multimedia artists into a diverse and inspiring exhibition.

Demonstrations available daily

Diann Atkin is a mixed media crochet artist whose inspiration comes from her daily life on the top of the East Yorkshire Wolds. At present she uses crochet to portray the agricultural history of the Wolds and how agricultural practices give the Wolds its fields of ever changing colours.

Helen Birmingham is a mixed media textile artist. Her work takes its inspiration from both science and psychology. "I repeat images and ideas using a variety of materials and techniques. Ideas evolve as the images are perpetuated, mutated or extinguished in a process of artistic natural selection. There is something very satisfying to me in the structures formed by repetition and layering"

Diane Malcomson's latest body of work is inspired by the Nasca Lines of Peru. These huge hyroglyphs have defied any explanation or intent since their discovery in the 1920s. Her smaller works are colourful abstracts from reality.

Dorothea Newman uses many varied techniques in her pieces, including stitch craft and her recent art works are mainly in acrylics & mixed media on paper and canvas.

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