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Sledmere Stables Horses and Ponies

Diana - Polly - Felix

On show in the historical stables we have the breed of horses that would have been on Sledmere Estate in the past for both working and leisure pursuits.


Our magnificent Shire Horse; in the past her role on the estate would have consisted of working on the farm pulling the plough, carts and other machinery.  In the woods she would have extracted timber and been used for everyday haulage.  Diana is a gentle giant, she is 9 years old and in her prime.  Today she pulls the cart and drives around the estate demonstrating her heavy horse power and friendly demeanor.


An all-purpose pony that the children on the estate would have learnt how to ride on.  We have pictures showing Sir Mark Sykes using such a pony to pull his sledge in the winter before the First World War.  Polly is a rescue pony and now leads a happy life driving round the estate and can often be seen making herself useful by raking the gravel at the front of the House, she also enjoys a good pamper during grooming sessions with the children visitors.


This handsome chap is a great companion for Polly and shares her workload.  He is six years old and drives beautifully.

You may see other horses in the stables from time to time who are just visiting or helping out, please ask the staff any questions, they will be happy to tell you all about them.

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